Masini de inchiriat

Rent a car! Inchirieri microbuze 8+1 locuri. Inchirieri auto Bucuresti!

Rent a car!

Rent a minibus 8 + 1 seats!

Rent Dacia, rents 8 + 1 minibuses, new cars, Renault Trafic and Opel Vivaro.

Rent a minibus 8 + 1 seats!

We have the best proposal for you! Rent cars with 8 + 1 places and go on holiday!

We are the only car rental company in Bucharest that we offer you and we can offer you cars for rent with 8 + 1 seats at the best prices, guaranteed and no hidden costs!

We rent 9-seat cars, Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro and many others Full Casco!

Rent Dacia, through the Bucharest car rental service, offers to rent cheap cars and from modacies Dacia Logan, Skoda Fabia, to premium cars such as Renault Megan Sedan or Skoda Octavia.

Car rental for all your pockets!
Rent a car Bucharest

Rent Dacia is a Bucharest car rental company and Otopeni airport that offers you rental cars with small guarantees and full casco insurance. No hidden costs! With our cars you can make your holidays anywhere in Europe. So we can give you rented cars to travel without any obligations throughout Europe!
Family car rentals

Rent Dacia, rent Dacia Lodgy Family cars 7 seats with additional protuberances!

Renting a car at Rent Dacia will not bind you at other costs, rental cars can be delivered in any location of our customer, we have the lowest prices!

Leave the door to the door, now come to rent a car Bucharest, Rent Dacia and rent the desired car!
Car rental 4 × 4

Rent Dacia, offers you 4×4 cars, Dacia Duster, new models, diesel!

The cars rented from us are taught clean and full.

Rent Dacia guarantees the best price in Romania!

Rent a car from Rent Dacia! Now Get the Best Car Rental Deals!
Car Rental in Bucharest

Dacia Logan new models

Dacia Duster new models

Chip for rent new model from Renault , Megan IV, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Fabia!

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